Walk 21 Days to ReTHRIVAL

Women and girls around the world are enslaved by trafficking and gender violence. Every day for 21 days, I'm going to walk freely for those women who can't. I'm Sam, and I invite you to join me on November 16th. 


2020 has dished out a whopping dose of uncertainty. Our chests are tight. Our worries through the roof. Our loneliness amplified. But we do not have to stay mired in hopelessness and discouragement. 

We can dream a new dream for 2021. We can choose hope. Possibility. Joy, even. We can help ourselves while helping other women around the world. It's time for us to thrive again. 

21 Days to ReTHRIVAL is a walking challenge to raise funds and awareness for women around the world subjected to gender violence. It is also a step towards taking more control over our own lives during this pandemic. There is so much I love about the challenge! Together, we will:

  • Restore our souls with our own at-home walking journeys
  • Reduce our COVID stress and fatigue, taking back control of our lives
  • Help other women who aren't free, by walking in support of them

Let's take a walk. Together.

Commit to walking outside, every day, for 21 days. Rain, snow, or shine. Any length of walk works. Just get outdoors! You will join women from around the globe, all walking their own walks. You will walk with purpose. As a free woman.

For Your Body, Mind & Soul

  • Difficult times do not define us.

    It's no secret that COVID stress and fatigue are putting added pressure on our lives. But the age-old 'walk' has the power to reduce all this discomfort. Improve your physical and mental health. Feel your body move. Feel your breath. Feel your heart and mind opening up with each step. Feel, fully alive.

  • Connect back to nature.

    To walk in nature is to apply a healing salve to our hurting souls. We are all part of this Earth, spiritual beings, on a human journey. Ground yourself by getting outside. A frosty wind on your cheek still feels better than watching our world reflected back on a 24/7 doom and gloom reel.

  • Start a journey of self-discovery.

    Now more than ever, we are hungry for meaning and purpose in our lives. The pandemic has us questioning everything -- all our old ways of being, and even, what else might be possible. Walking naturally uncovers what lies deep within. We feel empowered with new ideas. And we grow.

How are we helping at-risk women?

Introducing Her Future Coalition, a non-profit committed to breaking the cycle of poverty and exploitation faced by 32 million women and girls around the world. They've helped thousands of survivors, by providing them with education, shelter, and entrepreneurship opportunities. 

Trafficking must end now. When you register for one of our 21 Days to ReTHRIVAL Challenge journeys, half of your entry fee will be donated to Her Future Coalition. 

Every girl should have the opportunity to be educated and independent so that she can walk on her own two feet. 

And now, meet Angela Maxwell.

I'm a little obsessed with walking. So, one day, I googled, "is it possible to walk the earth?" Turns out, it is. I connected with American adventurer, Angela Maxwell, of shewalkstheearth.com. She's been walking the globe for nearly six years! Her mission is to complete 20,000 miles and raise $20,000 for enslaved women and girls around the world. She's partnered with Her Future Coalition to help provide education, shelter and entrepreneurship opportunities to survivors of trafficking and gender violence. 

Angela is on the last leg of her journey. Let's help her reach her goal. Let's cheer her on while we walk our own walks, wherever we are.  She is one woman, who has taken a stand. She's making a difference, and you can, too.