• I've signed up. Now what?

    Great! Our enrolment portal closes November 16, the day our Challenge also starts. All Journey content will be launched on that date. We'll be in touch with more information, including Summit details and your next steps.

  • Where am I supposed to walk?

    Walk anywhere! In your neighbourhood, at the park, down the street, or hit the trails near your town. The point is to make it intentional, and do it every day for 21 days.

  • Do I have to track or submit my walking?

    This is not required. But if you've chosen one of our more immersive experiences (Walk & Contemplation, or Path to Balance), we'll be asking interested participants to share some of their journey with our online Challenge Community. This forum is not within any social media platform.

  • Can I join after the start date?

    We'd prefer our Challenge participants to enrol before the deadline. The program starts November 16. If we're a few days past this and you'd like to get in on all the walking, drop us an email at sam@shewalksthewalk.com.

  • Is the challenge open to men?

    We've created this program and all of its accompanying content with women in mind. It doesn't mean you can't grab your 'dude' BFF/husband/co-worker and get them out walking with you.

  • Can I give this challenge to someone else?

    Yes! If this is a gift, you'll need to choose the appropriate journey and complete the purchase as yourself. Drop an email to sam@shewalksthewalk.com with the lucky lady's details and we will manually enrol her.

  • Are you shipping the bracelets outside of Canada?

    Yes! We are. No matter where you live -- South Africa, Brazil, Australia, the UK -- if you enrol in our Challenge, we're sending you the SWTW bracelet. Period.

  • How can I share my walking journey?

    So glad you asked! Get social with us: you can follow on Instagram, @shewalksthewalk. Tag us in your posts, or use the following hashtags: #shewalksthewalk_community #21daystorethrival

  • What is 'She Walks the Walk', anyways?

    Samantha Plavins launched the 'She Walks the Walk' movement in September 2020 to help women live more inspired lives. There are too many women struggling to get off the endless treadmill, trying to live up to unrealistic societal expectations. Sam wants to help women rediscover themselves through self-reflection and action. She will begin hosting guided Global Walking Adventures (G’WAs) when world travel is safely possible again. SWTW Inc. is based in Thunder Bay, Canada.

Grab your bestie

Walking has the power to connect us to nature, to ourselves and to our friends. Have you ever noticed that most difficult moments can be softened by grabbing your BFF and heading out for a walk? Use this opportunity to get intentional. ReTHRIVE yourself. And your friendships!

Register until Nov 15.

Questions? Drop us a line!